Catherine CheaAs a writer and content marketer, I’m always exploring and coming up with new ways to share ideas.

Whether the goal is to nurture and generate leads or to share an insight, I communicate my ideas through creativity and storytelling.


For my personal publications, I write about my experiences as a human being. My writing can be found on sites including Elephant Journal, Thought Catalog, and Introvert, Dear.

Content Marketing

After graduating from McGill University with a BA Hon. in philosophy, I’ve entered the professional world as a content marketer based in Toronto. I develop various content to help clients nurture their database and generate leads.  My understanding of digital marketing  (which includes SEO, analytics, and inbound marketing) enables me to produce content that’s not only interesting but also effective in achieving business results.

Other Interests

When I’m not writing blogs, I create music! I have a channel dedicated to my piano performances. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; and so, it also plays a big role in my creative exploration.