My Rebranding Journey. Early Stages: Renouncing My Degree.

It’s funny that in my recent blog, I wrote about how proud I am of my philosophy degree – there’s no question that I’m still very proud of my degree (and that I still love philosophy).

However, as far as my rebranding goes … my degree adds little value to my resume.

Lately I’ve been gaining more technical skills such as SEO, Google Analytics, etc. It’s also great that I already have some background in marketing and Adobe (which I am also emphasizing more now). Through my exhausting job search, I find that positions in content marketing appeal to me the most.

Here’s a snippet from an e-book (by author from that I’m reading about “letting go of your degree”.

Photo 2015-06-23, 6 14 49 PM

So I no longer call myself a philosophy major (I even removed that title from my FB).

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