What Makes Me a Good Content Writer

It has been tough for me in the past year because I found myself in a career limbo; but I have so much more clarity now after trying out different things and re-assessing my motivations and talents. 😀

I made a list of how content writing directly relate to my skills and how I would benefit potential employers:

  • I like sharing experiences with the world through social media (e.g., Facebook): effective way to engage clients
  • Strong writing and research skills: to provide information to customers and to establish trust in the company and its products
  • I am skilled at translating complex ideas and thoughts into words that are understandable and relatable: to help convey company’s vision and brand
  • I write compelling stories which elicit strong emotional responses: bridging the gap between the client and the product
  • I have a deep understanding of people and human nature: knowing customer’s intent in order to cater to their needs
  • I look at things creatively from different perspectives: giving companies a competitive edge when it comes to conveying their brand

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