3 New Blog Posts: Studying Tips, Piano Lessons, and Boosting Your Mood

I’ve had 3 new blogs published this week and thought I’d share them in this post. They are also updated to my portfolio.

Here’s two from Kidvisory (a website for parents to find activities and tutors for their kids):

Develop Skills and Tricks in Learning

  • I have written 3 practical advice on learning how to learn.

The Importance of Giving Your Child Music Lessons

  • What motivated me to write this one, in particular, was that lately I have been feeling troubled by the fact that many parents are uninformed when it comes to picking the right music teacher. Many kids are taking lessons from people who do not have a solid music background. The problem with this is that this prevents the child from building a strong foundation in order to be able to play at a more advanced level. It’s so shocking to see kids being kept at a beginner level for so long. Just because someone knows how to play a few notes doesn’t warrant them to teach. *Sigh*

On a more uplifting note, here’s an article I wrote for Hearty Thought:

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Brighten Your Mood

  • The title is self-explanatory and the tips are quite simple. 🙂

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