Does Public Venting Help?

The truth is, I can’t find myself liking everyone. I also get upset by people ever so often.  This is just a fact of life. I see people complain about others all the time.  In social media and in person, it’s common to hear stories like, “I’m so tired of these kinds of people.”

People can be awesome and people can also be a let down. But does it help to vent about it?

I think yes and no.

Having an outlet can be very positive when your emotions are addressed in a healthy way.  Usually, I find my healthy outlet through creative expression: in writing, music, sports, and art.

I think what makes these sort of outlets positive is because you are directing energy towards yourself. You’re focusing on you and your emotions when you engage in reflective and expressive activities.

On the other hand, I think it does more harm to yourself and your image by publicly venting about someone or something.  When I read many negative comments by someone, I get the impression that this person has a hard time handling their emotions. It often says more about them than what they are venting about.

Even though I may be able to relate, I do not feel entirely sorry for them. Not only is the other side of the story missing, I am also part of this reality where I get hurt by others. I strongly believe think it’s just a test of life to face different situations. Other people shouldn’t prevent us from living life to our fullest.

Having said that, I still see the value in discussing your feelings to someone when it is done in constructive way.  My Elephant Journal Article provides a good framework for writing a letter about how you feel.

I’m not sure how to sum up this piece nicely –I’m having a momentary writer’s block. Oh well.

<insert inspirational quote here>

Or this:




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