Dear INFPs: Trust your feelings


Recently I’ve gotten myself out of a mess where I was being emotionally manipulated by a narcissistic sociopath. How did I let this happen in the first place?  Well, I stopped listening to my Introverted Feeling (Fi) function, my authenticity driver; instead, I allowed my imagination get too carried away – trying to see the potential good in everyone.

I think us INFPs are prone to be exploited for our unconditional empathy. However, I think our Fi can also prevent this from happening because it tells us when someone is not being genuine and is a potential threat. Don’t turn off these warning signs.  Listen to your heart. 

Our feelings can tell us a lot of truth immediately, which logic fails to do.  For us, logic is only a tool that could help explain and/or validate what we already know deep down. It shouldn’t be used to persuade our feelings (especially when something feels wrong); rather, it should only be used to further serve its purpose. For example, I had to use my Extraverted Thinking (Te) function in order to help me land a career or to not be too reactive to conflict so that I can ultimately feel happier.

So don’t doubt your feelings.  It’s there for a reason. While you’re exploring and expanding your world view with your Extroverted Intuition (Ne) function, entertaining different possibilities, also be mindful of what feels right deep down inside.

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5 thoughts on “Dear INFPs: Trust your feelings

  1. Another nice post. 🙂

    “However, I think our Fi can also prevent this from happening because it tells us when someone is not being genuine and is a potential threat. ” Agreed. Often this had helped me. Very crystal clear with feeling the phony and threats.

    But often I get trapped with the “Extroverted thinking”, becoming unable to figure out which is right. Probably its because the Fi is unable to function well in certain situations.

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    1. Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah… it’s somewhat a mystery as to why my Fi doesn’t function well when I’m lost in my Ne world. I have 2 theories on why we underestimate our Fi: 1) Western society puts logic on a pedestal to the extent that it rejects anything if it doesn’t have a rational behind it. 2) Fi only gets triggered when our values are clearly being violated. Otherwise, it isn’t sure of itself and falls in a grey zone.

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      1. The first point is true. But i don’t think that deactivates the Fi.
        😮 I think the second point is true. Quite ingenious with that. 🙂
        Maybe, probably it could also be because of the autonomous nervous system, which might activate the rational part of the mind. Or, to keep it simple, its the stress & pressure that activates the rational mind and over rides the Fi. I think so.

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