4 sure-fire ways to brighten your mood


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Sometimes I find myself feeling dragged by my mundane reality and obstacles of daily life. My life is not nearly as glamorous as the Instagram photos that occupy my social news feed. In spite of that, there are still simple ways to brighten my mood.

I have composed a list of activities that usually cheer me up. My list also applies to everyone as these are some scientifically proven and common ways to boost endorphins and make you feel happier.

1. Sleep


Having a good night’s rest makes me happy.

Although I may be stating the obvious, I find that sleep is often underestimated. People who sleep irregularly and are sleep deprived feel grumpier and are more prone to health risks including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression. Furthermore, sleep deprivation has a negative impact on your metabolism. Much to my surprise, health experts from X Movement explain that the number one strategy for weight loss is having regular sleep. You can find some scientific articles on this topic at the bottom of this article.

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, also documented that adding regular sleep to her resolution has made a tremendous impact on her happiness. She was surprised how something as simple as sleep can have such a positive impact.


2. Exercise and Nature Walks


Nothing makes me feel more serene, mindful and awakened (other than having a good night’s rest) than to go on a nature walk. The scenery, the fresh air, getting more oxygen, all the while listening to some good music, have always helped me to recharge and feel instantly better.


3. Novelty


Being exposed to a new environment, whether it’s from travelling, meeting different people at a café, or going to a bookstore, would help freshen your outlook on life and open your mind. Personally, walking into a Chapters or Indigo bookstore would be instantly gratifying as I find myself exposed to new authors, books, ideas, and topics –it feels like a plethora of wisdom and adventure contained in a store.


4. Connection


Making genuine connections are guaranteed to help you feel better. People who are lonely are prone to life-threatening health risks, similar to obesity and substance abuse.

Pets make great companions and help boost your mood. Dogs, especially, are acutely attuned to humans and emotions. There’s no one better to brighten your day than your best friend who is always eager to see you and will stay by your side through thick and thin.



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