What makes me unmistakable


Lately, I’ve taken many long scenic walks while listening to podcasts (and occasionally catching Pokémon). One of my favourite podcasts is The Unmistakable Creative Podcast. What makes this podcast so interesting is not necessarily hearing about people’s accomplishments but rather learning about their journey and thought processes that enabled them to find inspiration and overcome their challenges.

A common theme I found was the importance of seeking inner truth when it comes to success. Often times, people do things in reverse: they depend on external factors, such as looking for a relationship or making more money, in order to feel accomplished. This method backfires because it entails looking at the final outcome without taking the necessary steps to get there.

I honestly believe that our external successes are a byproduct of our self-discovery. We become more fulfilled in our relationships, jobs, and life in general once we are in touch with ourselves and motivations.

For myself, I never envisioned that I’d publish a book, study philosophy, or become a marketer. These experiences happened as a result of my curiosity: I want to see how far life can take me if I were to constantly step outside my comfort zone. It’s exciting to challenge myself this way. In doing so, I learn so much more about myself and my potential.

Going back to The Unmistakable Creative Podcast: each episode ends with a question about what makes someone unmistakable. For me, it’s my curiosity.

I also liked the answers that were given by the guest speakers in the podcast. Here are a few that stood out (these are all paraphrased):

“When we are able to surrender and get our limited selves out of the way and allow life to live through us, then we’d be able to tap into a whole other level of possibility, power, and creativity.”

Kute Blackson, Motivational Speaker


“We are inherently unmistakable because we’re unique. The trick is to bring this out into the world and move through the fear and self-doubt that keeps us from expressing it.”

Sandra Joseph, Broadway performer, Keynote Speaker


“The people who are unmistakable are not the ones who plan to be a big deal but are those who plan to be obscure. Those are the people who are quietly out there doing their own thing, but when we meet them, they change everything.”

Bob Goff, New York Times Best-Selling Author


“When I think about the word unmistakable, I think of authenticity and truth in the context of self-discovery and self-awareness. I think you can only be happiest and most fulfilled when you have the curiosity to know yourself and then the courage to be yourself.”

Jim Kwik, Founder of Kwik Learning

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