About me

Catherine_Chea_Writer I grew up in Brampton, Ontario as a padlock child to a family of immigrants and lived in Shanghai, China, when I was very young. Playing the piano has been my passion, so it was a no-brainer for me to enroll in an art school for its music program when it was time for high school. In university, I studied philosophy at McGill in Montreal and then held various jobs before landing my role in UX writing.  My portfolio lies elsewhere, in its own domain where business stuff belongs. Today, I live in Toronto with my partner and dog.

I want to improve my writing craft to better tell stories that feed the soul. My work includes short stories, book reviews, nuggets of inspiration, and a self-help book (I have since moved away from this genre and focused primarily on fiction).

When I’m not stringing words together, I like to turn to my other creative endeavours: reading, playing video and board games, and creating music—my recordings are available on SoundCloud and  YouTube.